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  1. Jason Edwards May 26, 2016 at 7:54 am

    Just a thank you.
    To my dearest friends at Kratom uk & your colleagues across the seas.
    I would like to say how truly thankful i am for you and your product.
    At the start of the year i had enough of my 5year brutal addiction to codeine. I had gotten myself into a life where my addiction was becoming truly life threatening. I was consuming about 900mg a day in three doses. Sadly i’m not the kind of person who can or would go and seek help for my problems. I stumbled across your product by chance and spent some time researching what it was and soon learnt how it is sort of similar to the opiate chemical and had helped so many people with the same and worst opiate addictions. So i had to try it. From the very first dose i was shocked to have my first day in years without withdrawal symptoms. It was three days before i took codeine again. Something had changed in my head, i didn’t want it or need it anymore. My withdrawal symptoms were pretty much non existent. I now have one or two 6gm kratom doses a day and no codeine for months. Your product doesn’t give me a high that i craved for years it gives me a sense of peace and tranquility which has enriched my life so much ( i’m even a vegan now ) . I have been set free.
    I am as you are very saddened that this government will take this away and possibly stop anyone from having a turn around in their life that i have had or for their own reasons for well being. Even if this product is taken away i will miss it but i have stepped through a door and have the strength never to turn back.
    You people at Kratom uk i owe you my life. It was a very dark time and now i am full of light. Thank you.
    If our paths ever cross i apologize now for the hugs,cuddles,squeezes and kisses i will force upon you.
    I hope your future is a bright as mine now is.
    I thankyou, truly truly thank you with all my heart and soul.
    Thank you


    • Age: 43
    • Gender: Male
    • Condition: Ex codeine addict
  2. stevebubba69@yahoo.co.uk May 26, 2016 at 8:45 am

    I have been a sufferer for over 20 years. The doctors gave me all the medications available and more. None really helped, in fact, some made it worse. Then, about 3 years ago I read about kratom, read about how it helped so many people. So i took the plunge and tried it. I have not looked back since, no more nasty side effects, no more weight gain or suicidal thoughts, it helped me begin to interact with people again. I, personally, am facing an uncertain future. I have maybe 300 grams stock and then that’s it, no more. Do I break the law and attempt to purchase from overseas? do i learn to live without it and with the nasty medications? Or do I take a more extreme stance and return to my alcohol addiction which was my crutch for so many years. Whichever option I chose to take is not ideal for me or my loved ones. Farewell Kratom, you were so helpful.


    • Age: 46
    • Gender: Male
    • Condition: Genralised Anxiety Disorder. Depression.
  3. Phill May 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    I’m writing this review on the day the psychoactive substance bill becomes law. The reason for doing so is to lend my support to kratom.co.uk and thank Donna for all of the help and advice that she has given me since I discovered kratom earlier this year.
    I am a public sector worker in my mid-50s and my job brings with it a lot of stress and responsibility. As a result of this I am now taking anti-depressant/anxiety pills, I had to undergo surgery for stomach problems and I suffer from the dreaded IBS as a result of the stress, which mostly comes from work. I’ve also as a result of perhaps getting older developed osteoarthritis in my knees and now I think also my elbows. Through a period of trial and error and helpful advice from Donna I have managed to find kratom strains ,which help and assist me in my day-to-day life. I would say the quality of my life has improved dramatically as a result of finding kratom. I have not noticed any withdrawal symptoms on the days that I don’t use kratom and I no longer need to renew my prescription for codeine,which I needed when my arthritis flared up, the kratom does the same job.

    There is no doubt in my mind that kratom is a substance that can be abused, as can any substance, although anybody taking it in the hope of getting high or treating it as some sort of iegal high is likely to be disappointed. I have read different things about kratom on the Internet some of it scary most of it helpful and describing kratom in the way that I have come to know it: as a very useful natural remedy.

    My wife and my family in recent years have at times been worried about the amount of alcohol I drink, I worry a little myself and have therefore generally speaking restricted my alcohol consumption to weekends although I have to be honest and say that from time to time I was prone to overdoing it. Now I find that taking kratom at the weekend means I don’t wish to drink more than one or two glasses to enjoy nor do I experience any psychoactive effects from kratom I am therefore able to do the things I want to do in my life whilst in less pain and feeling more cheery.
    It seems just my luck that at the time I discover something which can help me going forward in my life, the government may outlaw it. I appreciate that sometimes kratom is for sale in head shops and other places where legal highs are easily obtainable, I also understand why the government would want to legislate to try to restrict the availability of legal highs to people given the damage that they can cause, some of which I’ve seen first hand as a result of my work. I have to say that anybody who wishes to get high on kratom is likely to be disappointed, whilst it can be abused I find it difficult to see how one could get high from taking it.
    The quality of the customer service from kratom.co.uk is exemplary not only is Donna very pleasant she is also full of helpful advice in relation to a substance where very little scientific information is available. I had been wary of using this substance although sufficiently curious enough to experiment with it. It is fast becoming something that I don’t wish to have to do without. I sincerely hope that those responsible for implementing the new psychoactive substance bill will see fit to leave companies like kratom.co.uk and the people who use those companies ,who are benefiting greatly from the effects of kratom, which has been described as one of natures miracles, alone.

    I have written this review in order to hopefully assist those who want to keep kratom available to people and to praise the professionalism and service kratom.co.uk provides in the hope that I will be able to buy this wonderful herb from them in the years to come. My two favourite strains of kratom so far are Bali kratom powder, which I tend to use in the evenings and Sumatran green, which is wonderful during the day and helps before going on a long walk with my wife and the dog and sometimes a ride out my motorbike. I would recommend to anybody that was looking at operating machinery after using kratom to make certain that they’d experimented with it beforehand and know how much to take as I’m certain that the different strains affect different people in different ways and as with prescription drugs whose packaging contain a warning about when to use or not use it I would suggest that the same warning would apply to kratom use.

    I hope this helps anybody who is thinking about using this herb in order to assist them in life.

    In summery Kratom provides me with pain relief, a mood boost, digestive relief and a general sense of well being, which enables me to be happier.


    • Age: 53
    • Gender: Male
    • Condition: Pain, anxiety, Depression
  4. Steve Adams May 26, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    For about 31 years I have struggled with nerve problems and depression.Even therapy and medication have never realy worked for me.I did at one time use alcohol to treat my condition(a legal substance)but that plummeted out of control and resulted in me abstaining completely from it 16 years ago.This meant that any substance I was to use,including doctors prescriptions, would need to be used wisely and anything I did/do take; sobriety and control is crucial.l.I lost one job after 15 years of service because stress/anxiety were making it hard for me to cope.That was 13 years ago and I have another self employed job,dealing with the public.For the last 2years my medication has stopped working and my gp hasn’t been much help.I have lost a fortune because of my condition and around 18 months ago my business went into solvency.This was a stressfull period but by chance I found this miracle herb, kratom,which I believe got me through the process of bankruptcy.Also I found this ‘god send’ enabled me to socailise with a clear mind and with clarity of judgement(the complete opposite of the effects of alcohol).Something I have found is though more means less with kratom,you hav to be patient and not greedy with this herb or it just doesn’t work(something that cannot be said of alcohol).By using moderate amounts I have found that I do have hope with my anxiety/dpepression and at least have a safe guiding hand through this condition which is not improving as i age.But without it,i feel I’m facing a bleak future and not sure of the outcome of this condition.Kratom is not a legal or illegal high at all,nor is it synthetic.It is a gift from nature and to ban it would be of the same mentality of those who destroy anything that is not understood
    [history books confirm that}I feel for everyone who has the same relationship with kratom and society as myself and truly am concernd for the future without it.I swear by what I say about kratom and this testimonial can be used however/whoever it needs to be heard by,steve adams


    • Age: 51
    • Gender: Male
    • Condition: social anxiety/depression
  5. Steve Adams May 26, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    At the age of 49 after years of stuggle I found a miracle answer to my social anxiety and depression;kratom.Without it my condition runs riot as gp advice has not helped.I need a clear sober mind and be in complete control for my job dealing with the public.Before kratom I would have days off as I simply could not face people.Kratom has helped me stay in control,unlike the affects of alcohol and drugs.It has helped me become a stronger parent to my two sons,who need a strong father at the moment.It helps me stay patient with people in situations where before I would have lost control[ie say something I would regret]There are 3generations of testosterone in our household,so patience and serenity are crucial in our home,thankfully kratom has allowed that(we don’t argue since my eldest son and I started using kratom)The fact I allow my eldest son to use kratom is a testimony itself as my children are the most precious part of my life.And now at 51,with a ban on kratom, life seems frightening again and the future in my career uncertain due to social anxiety,preventing me leaving the house.Not something I want my children to witness again.


    • Age: 51
    • Gender: Male
    • Condition: social anxiety/depression
  6. chelle bennetts June 2, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    With ref to the inclusion of Kratom to the blanket ban on legal highs

    Since the age of 13 after suffering from blackouts/vacant spells and suffering from the Epstein-Barr virus glandular fever I was prescribed a conncoction of a very high dose of anti convulsants temazepam and painkillers. The side effect of the anti convulsants were suicidal tendencies that I attempted many times hospitised 5 times and in a coma for 4 days at the age of 27.
    Attempting to combat the debilitating pain chronic fatigue I was drawn to using illegal stimulants that although gave me superpower energy, effected my mental health badly.

    After beating amphetamine and heroin addiction but still being prescribed mind numbing antidepressants and sleeping pills and weight gaining antipsychotics that slurred my speech and made me dribble I went back to college and a voluntary job as an acu detox therapist.
    My chronic fatigue Made each day a battles of gi issues and stomachs cramps that caused severe discomfort and pain (often causing blackouts) started to occur more often and a defiant yeast infection (from all the chemical medications that destroyed my stomach lining) and a painfull condition called vulvudynia that burned like battery acid.
    I was diagnosed with fibramialgia in 2010 and was given a list of drugs to work my way through which were different types of anti convulsant and antipsychotic medications for pain. After my previous experiences with this type of medication I was disheartened and after two months decided this was not a path I wanted to get back on because of the side effects plus they didn’t help the pain so what was the point?
    Because of this decision, visiting my gp became a battle of wills as I would not take the medication on the list she refused to refer me to any specialists, including the fibramialgia doctor unless I took the medication. It wasn’t until I saw a locum doctor in 2015 that I managed to get a prescription for codeine and paracetamol and a referral to a gynaecologist that has diagnosed fibroids and I am about to have keyhole surgery to look for endometriosis. after 30 years of pain and depression I was closer to being healed!
    Unfortunately the codeine wasn’t strong enough to help my pain and I was still crippled with chronic fatigue and anxiety that stopped me going to work and being a productive member of society. This caused a blow to my self esteem and confidence and accelerated my depression to an all time low.
    In 2015 a friend of a friend to whom I am forever indebted, gave me a teaspoon of Kratom to try. When it started working I could tell straight away that it was an opiod of some type which worried me about addiction having been down that path before and it took a whole year of consideration before I finally bought some Kratom online. The pain relief and anti depressant energy boost of Kratom has turned my life around. It killed my pain gave me energy, lifted my depression and helped me to sleep. I was able to do more voluntary work and make plans to go back to college.
    I was shocked to discover that although Kratom has many Beneficial alkaloids that are good for our health and could help millions of people combat diabetes, heart disease Parkinson’s, dementia and obesity that it was about to be put on a dangerous drugs list to be banned and made illegal.
    The ancient herbal remedy that I had discovered that was going to help me go back to work was going to turn me into a criminal. How could this be when the medications the doctors had made me take caused me so much harm and damage? When the only medication I was ‘allowed’ to take would only make me sicker?
    Is there a conspiracy going on between the politicians and drug companies to stop people using traditional medicine and for what benefit for the sick members of society would this be?
    I say this law is not for the protection of members of society but for the benefit of the profits of the drug companies who it seems many politicians have financial interests in. This Is a corrupt and cruel plan and I demand to know what other justifications you have for listing this as a class A drug.
    I beg you to reconsider the inclusion of Kratom on the list for the blanket ban on legal highs.
    This is not a legal high but an ancient herbal remedy that has profound health benefits that could be used by many with few side effects
    Yes it is addictive but then again so are the medications prescribed by the doctors. So is coffee of which Kratom is of the same family.
    Tolerance issues with Kratom can be managed with education and as for the withdrawals I have had a lot worse hangovers from a bottle of wine and alcohol as you are well aware causes many health problems addiction and violence in society.
    A friend of mine with fibramialgia is prescribed morphine sulphate and oramorph and I have found out that the prescription medications are a slippery slope to get on and only cause more health issues, liver and pancreas problems weight gain more fatigue and serious addiction problems.
    A very intelligent move would be to allow doctors to prescribe Kratom which would save billions of pounds on inadequate and expensive currently used medications.
    who is this law on Kratom protecting exactly? Come on you protected the gay community but what about the millions of people with chronic and terminal disease? Do they not deserve the same protection from their government?
    Surely it would be a win win situation that would allow sick people to go back to work?
    Please I beg you for the sake of potential millions please remove Kratom from the list of drugs for the blanket ban on legal highs.
    Michelle Bennetts


    • Age: 44
    • Gender: Female
    • Condition: Fibramialgia fibroids depression anxiety
  7. Chelle July 3, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    I have had my surgery, my colon was stuck to my pelvic wall with endometriosis and I had adhesions around my ceacum and ascendinding colon. No wonder I have been in so much pain but thank goodness I have had red Sumatra Kratom for pain relief. this plant would help millions of women control the pain and fatigue of endometriosis.


    • Age: 44
    • Gender: Female
    • Condition: Endometriosis fibramialgia

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