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Kratom Reviews Testimonials

“Thanks for the great service this year.” – Andy 

“I would especially like to thank J and D for there customer relations and hard work over the years. Good luck for the future”.   Graeme 

“It’s a xmas miracle” 🙂  Thanks enjoy the holiday”  Jon Ostwind

May I also say that I’ve been very impressed with the speed and friendliness of your replies D and they’ve made a big difference in deciding whether to use Kratom UK again, Thanks”.-  William

“Thank you for the Christmas card! Very pleasant surprise indeed”. – Angus 

“Hi  there. Thanks so much to kratom! I’m so happy with kratom UK I was wondering if I can mention this website as a trusted supplier on my blog”. –  Billy-Jo

I’m just writing this to say I’m extremely satisfied with the service from this company, my item was delivered within two days and my package came with a Christmas card! I just thought I’d write this to say thanks for the card as I’m using kratom to help with my depression and I have to say that even before I had any of the kratom, the Christmas card made me smile and it has certainly been a while since I’ve done that.” – Alex 

“Thanks for your quick response” – Mandy

My recent order arrived promptly and was very much to my satisfaction. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent services”. – Peter 

Thank you for your timely emails , your customer service has been good . Just hoping this package does come lol but none the less I am impressed by your communications ” – Nilesh

“Oh thank you – wish I was as efficient as you” – Kate

“Keep up your excellent works & hope that the sun never stops shining on that wonderful Kratom you supply”. Many thanks”. – Lee

“Thanks for your help and good service.” – Emil

“Hi D, Just like to thank you for the amazing fast service and the quality is great as always many thanks.” – Guy

“Thanks again for all your help.” – Chris 

“I just wanted to thank you for dispatching my order so quickly the other day.” – VJ

“Many thanks for your speedy reply.”- Suzanne

“Thank you too for your support, we are so lucky we found you.” – Sade 

“Thanks for the fast response D.”- Lewis

“Many thanks your a diamond.” – Graham  

“Thank you for the amazing customer service .” –Amy Farr

“Thank You for uber quick response.”– Martin 

“Your customer service is 2nd to NONE.”  Martin Khan

“Thanks very much for your quick reply.” – Richard Bull 

“Just wanted say how impressed I am to have received a personal note with my very first proper order with u guys .”- Nilesh 

“Thank you so much for your welcome prompt reply.”-  Carol

“VERY much appreciated, and thanks for your awesome customer service.” – Martin

“Thanks for such a quick reply.” Martin Rowan

“Thank you so much for the excellent service I have received not only in shipping time and your  correspondence we have had. I will absolutely spread the word about kratom.Co.UKAll the best, Once again a big thanks.” Nicole Fabre

Thank you for your helpful and prompt response.– Malcolm Chapman 

“Thank you for the quick reply.”- Wayne West 

“I will definitely be back to shop in the future for your loyalty over the matter.” Ricky Helsby

“Thank you for your very informative reply.”- Carole Hunt

“Thank you for your prompt reply.”- Mrs H

“Absolutely love your company long may it continue.”- Jon Watson  

“That’s some great info thank you so much.”- Imrane 

 “Thanks again for your help.”-Peter Horne

“I appreciate your fast response in this matter.”-Wayne  

“Thank you, you are always a pleasure to deal with.”- Chris Griffiths 

Thanks D – you guys are great.”-  Jim Brooks

“Many thanks again for providing so excellent customer service/information. ” –  Sara Gallagher 24.08.15 

“This Bali Kratom was just what I was looking for absolutely perfect product! Thanks for the help and great service. – Tom Mcloughlin 

“Thanks for the quick response!” – Deborah Stark 

“Hi D, Thanks again for replying in a timely fashion.”-Gavin 

“Thanks for the update! I appreciate it.”-Daniel Deceder 

“Thank you for your reply on my capsules I received today.”-  Angela Andrews

 “Thank you for your prompt reply.” – Saffron Mason

“Always good service.”- Aaron Mcgraw 

 “Thanks for your quick response D, all is in order! Great service.“- Anders

“You truly have the best quality when it comes to sacred leaves.” – Martin ornas 

Many thanks for your response and recommendations.” – Michael Savill

“That’s awesome D. Thanks very much for the info.”-Thor Sulland 

“It’s a pleasure doing business with professionals like you.  If only more businesses were run with such grace.” – Carol

“Thanks very much for your speedy reply – very helpful thanks. I have yet to try kratom but have placed an order on your website today” – Tim

“Dear team at Just wanted say how impressed I am to have received a personal note with my very first proper order with u guys. I have been meaning to try these products, hopefully these work. Just want to thank you again for that note :-)” – NN

“Thank you once again for your assistance. I feel as though I have bothered you a lot over the last few years, but let me say that I always appreciate your professional and courteous service. Have a great day! :-)” – Kathlynn

“Thank you so much you’re always so kind and professional with my queries. I truly wish you all the best.” – Kieran B

“As always thank you for such immaculate service.” – Hibzi

“I would like to thank you again for being just so wonderful to deal with, you have been a blessing.” – Lisa H 

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I thank you for your quality kratom.” – Richard B

“Its been a great pleasure doing business with you all these years & hope to continue for many years to come too. Kind regards & best of luck for these future matters” – Nick O

“To my dearest friends at Kratom uk & your colleagues across the seas. I would like to say how truly thankful i am for you and your product. If our paths ever cross i apologize now for the hugs,cuddles,squeezes and kisses i will force upon you. I hope your future is a bright as mine now is. I thankyou, truly truly thank you with all my heart and soul.” – Jason E

“I hope the business hangs in there. It’s been a real pleasure buying from you. All the best” – Craig

“I am looking forward to trying the sample pack of Maeng Da too. The customer service is exceptional and the products the same. I’ll be promoting your services to my friends.” – Jason B 

“Thank you very much for the efficient service and the included silver membership with this last order. I’m very pleased to have discovered your products” – Lawrence T

“Thanks so much for great service and quick delivery, arrived today, packaged perfectly can’t wait to try it, first time using this site and very impressed, much appreciated!” – Martin C

“Once again thank you for an excellant product and standard of service. many thanks.” – Graham G

“Your product has really helped me through some rough times and your service is flawless, I look forward to many future purchases of your amazing kratom.
Oh and before I forget I must say the 20x resin was so good I am going to give it an amazing review.” – George C

“I’d just like to say thanks for all of your hard work over the time I’ve been a happy customer of yours.” – Kieran

“Thank you for the kratom, I got it next day, very fast delivery and the product is very good, very relaxed and euphoric feeling, left u 5 star rating!” – Dan W

“Brilliant customer service, really appreciate!” – Alica M

“Hi there just to say thank you very much as I got my delivery today. Your customer service is excellent and I will order my next lot earlier the next time. Thanks so much” – Donna M

“Many thanks for an exceptional service and promoting this wonderful herb..” – Bradley G

“Wanted to say it is a great service you have and thank you.” – David H

“Would just like to thank you for the exceptional customer service and inform you that I will be placing another order soon: – Adam M

“Got my first order last week. Many thanks for the fast delivery of the excellent product” – Lee


“Got my delivery today, many thanks for card and extra capsules. Great website and look forward to trying the sample pack(instead of co-codamol’s for long term back injury) Merry Xmas and NY” – B Morris


“Wow I wasn’t expecting the KratoM to arrive until tomorrow, but it came today, with the card, Thank You and nice packaging too by the way, I love the new packaging.. awesome, have a great xmas etc. and Thank You” – Martin K

“Thanks for the free gift and the Christmas card :)” – Joe D


“Happy christmas! 🙂 Just placed an order for over 30 pound today, glad to found out about the free gift thats awesome 🙂 hope youve had a great christmas x” – Chris


“Many Thanks, Great service as usual.” – Rob


“Wishing all at the K Team a very happy Christmas. I’ve been researching the wonderful herb for a while and finally decided to try it a week or so ago. So glad I chose you as both the product and the service are absolutely first rate! One very happy customer here! All the best” – Dan


“Hello there. Just received my last order and would like to say thank you for the Christmas card it was a really nice touch! Merry Xmas to the Kratom Uk team!” – Chris G


“Many thanks for a prompt service yet again. Have a great Christmas.” – Odran 


“Thank for the gift never had that so look forward to trying it!” – Peter


“Hi. First timer here. Just a quick note to say excellent service and product. Really nice for a lazy Sunday afternoon. And thank you very much for the Christmas card :-)” – Dan


“Hi as a first time customer of kratom I am very happy with the first class service from you guys and thanks for my Xmas card too and merry Xmas to you all too. All the best.’  – Colin.


” Just wanted to say thank you for my Christmas present, what a wonderful surprise.  Hope you all have a very nice Christmas and new year. Here is to another year of fantastic service. Best Regards” – Steve H


“I got the package this morning. I’d also like to thank you and the “k team” (lol cool new nick name) for the Christmas card :).” – John C


“Thanks….your company is tremendously helpful. I’ll be placing my order in the near future!” – Phil D


“Hi I just wanted to say thank you, I have had to put up with a nervous system disorder that’s caused pain throughout my entire body every day for 6 years, I’ve tried a wide range of painkillers from paracetamol to prescription codeine and none have helped me more than kratom, its actually let me work again and buy Christmas presents for my significant other and restored some of my self esteem, so again thank you for helping me so much, I hope you all have a great upcoming holiday. Best Regards” –  Joel H


“I would like you to know I am extremely thankful for your quality of customer care and efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. You are exceedingly gracious” – Kurt U


“I won’t hesitate to continue to use the kratom products, until my next order and many thanks once again” – PAUL B


 “I absolutely love your website, good quality, and amazing prices” – LEE J “Great website, great service and great products 🙂 ” – OD


“I just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas card (and the free gift) you sent with my order. I hope you have a lovely Christmas!” – GRAHAM


“Just a quick note to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my order and free gift. Also, many thanks for the Xmas card! Hope you all have a fab Christmas and New Year.” – IAN


“I received my order yesterday, and I am very happy with it, and will no doubt be placing another order in the future  – I wanted to thank you for the Christmas Card also – hope you and the team have a happy Christmas too.” – SEB


“I have to tell you that your place is a joy to purchase from, service is excellent!” – MR ANDAO


“You have the best Kratom range on the market by far.” – NEIL T


“Hi thanks for getting my order to me today! 2nd order to date and very impressed with ur service so far.” – MIKE B


“Order arrived safely and I am happy to say I’ve just tried my first dose of Kratom. Thanks.”- FRANCES


“You and your colleagues at Kratom UK have become more than just a “faceless” company, and that is how it should be especially with such a beautiful and perfect product range that Kratom UK gives to us. That dedication to excellence all the way from the grower to the customer is much appreciated.” – GARY


“That was incredible service!! So Quick! Thank you! Sincerely..” – JOHAN

“Your company is the best in the UK for quality of kratom products and value for money and if you check my purchase history, I have tried most of the products you supply. Rest assured that I will continue to use Kratom UK as my exclusive supplier for all ‘things kratom’. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the ‘tincture trial’.” – JAMES T


“Your products are top quality…. I am thankful you were so kind and helpful. I received the discount card today, and will now do some shopping of your excellent powders available!” – HARRY


“Thank you so much. I just wanted to tell you that your carom has saved my life. I had surgery in my foot which leaves me in pain…it has saved me from going back to my old ways when in pain and I’m just so grateful. Many Thanks again” – JW


“From all carom vendors you have the best communication and customer service. Thank you.”- STUART T


“Thank you for your speedy reply, you’re customer service is second to none, maybe NatWest could learn a thing or two from you guys! As always brilliant service! Have a great day!” – SUZIE


“Just a message to thank you for the exemplary service and stellar product! It’s the first break in my back pain for a month and a massive lift in mood. I’m truly thankful! All the best” – JPD

“Took delivery of my second order of Kratom, brilliant product and excellent service. Had capsules love them, going to try powder next. Thank you, will keep using you in future!” – GRAEME


“Great customer service!” – BEN H


“The order arrived today. Shipping is so quick! I will be trying some thai tonight!” – SUZIE


“I really like your company, you do great work.”- KATHYLYNN


“Thank you very much for informing me as to this change in my membership status. I am delighted to hear I have finally joined the ranks of the Kratom UK elite  And it has been an honor doing business with you over the years!” – NICK


“I must tell you that I really appreciate your service. I will go for platinum slowly but surely!” – JOHAN


“Everything arrived in good time and product quality is good. I will return to buy more in the near future.” – MALCOLM


“Received this morning, thank you for very quick delivery!”  – CHRIS N


“I received my order today, good customer service – thank you” – MATTHEW G


“…to be perfectly honest I find your service is absolutely fantastic and thoroughly professional. What’s more I feel like Kratom UK is a bit of a ‘community’ with the promotions, and advent calendar over Christmas last year, and the membership cards too – which I really enjoy feeling part of this community thank you for the fantastic service, I’m very glad to be a customer of your warm, friendly & excellent company ” – NICK O


“Every order has come on time and the product has always been great, a brilliant stress and pain relief from work.” – MICHAEL B


“I’m very happy with the products and speed of delivery” – JAMES T


“I am very pleased with my order and your way of handling it and I will recommend you to all my friends.” – EMIL


“…am very impressed with your products, delivery time and customer service!” – KAREN S


“I received the order today and I’m very happy with the prompt and efficient service. Thanks for the silver membership card, I will be ordering from you again soon.” – JAMES T

“….may I say you have a very professional looking and easy to use website.” – MATTHEW G


“Really impressed with the Maeng Da thanks!” – JL


“Thanks for Quick delivery!” – JOHAN


“Great Service…. and great website.” – JIM P


“You continue with your brilliant service, great communication and always so friendly and helpful (all of you) and remember people well. It has been a long time since I complimented your great organization. It is so easy to remember the companies/shops/restaurants etc that don’t serve us well, that it is so easy to forget to compliment and congratulate the ones that do brilliantly every time. So, here is a big Thank you.” – ZOE


“I want to thank you for always being so friendly and helpful!” – HANNAH


“Thank u so much for amazing service. I am always willing to sample and trial. In my desire to avoid pharmaceuticals for my condition I am genuinely interested in herbal products and remedies, Kratom however is in a category of its own. I have used various suppliers for various products from supplier however I find you are so discerning, professional and efficient that I need look no further than your site. I say this genuinely, I did use various K suppliers but your service as retailer has won me over.” – DC


“Thanks again for choosing me to sample both these great products

[Thai Leaf] they are first class (as with all the items I have purchased in the past) & I have recommended to a few friends to start buying.” – CLINTON


“Big thanks again for extra prompt delivery…just a quick note to say how good the white vein is! There was an instant noticeable change in texture and taste as well , almost tasted stronger plus it’s easier to take with the vein been present as it doesn’t clump together , any how big thanks again to you and the team may it long continue!!!!!” – JIM


“hallo! The thai/indo tea just arrived. And have tried one tea bag, and wow! Cured my anxiety and my depression! After 5 min! And give me energy to get through the day! Thank you!” – CHRISTIAN


“Thank you so much for the recent samples. The quality of your products are amazing and your customer service is second to none” – DEMIEN C


“Overall quality 10/10 Delivery 10/10 Customer service 10/10 Overall 10/10 Ps the website is very well done too, keep up the good work!” – DEAN HAYDEN


“Once again a massive thank you for unbelievable service and I thought I’d let you know your fresh Bali powder is excellent” – JIM


“Just to say thanks in general for your amazing customer service over the last 6 months you are hands down the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and the products are of the highest quality. Many thanks for the Xmas card and advent calendar freebees. I look forward to placing many more orders in the New Year…. Thank you!!!” – TIM


“Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas card. It was very sweet and thoughtful. So, merry Christmas to you too, have a good one!” WILLIAM


“Thanks for the great Christmas card and advent capsules. Always a joy to shop with you. All the best for xmas” – JACK


“Just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas and say thanks for the outstanding service you provide cheers Ps just put another order in “ – JIM


“Dear All From your Christmas Advent Calendar to the newsletters to the handwritten Xmas card I am constantly impressed by, and proud to be a customer of, Whilst I do not spend a great deal of money on carom I can assure you that your wonderful company will always have my custom when I do! Happy Holidays to you all and I am about to place another order!” – CHRIS


“Thanks for card – Happy Christmas to you all!!” KEV


“Thanks everyone @ Kratom UK for the delivery and the nice little parcel on the side. I look forward to making my next order in the future from you. A merry Christmas!” – MIKE


“What a brilliant idea and excellent Xmas treat you have organized for your customers. I have always been very impressed and warmed by your reliable service and I will continue to be one of your loyal customers. I look forward to receiving my free gift. It gives me a chance to try your new products, when due to limited finances I would just not be able to afford to :] Thank you again A LOYAL KRATOM CUSTOMER” – MISS L


“Parcel arrived today.. oh my! Thank You!.. I was all excited.. and thank You for the card:… and when I saw all the samples.. I was :O  … I can’t wait to indulge later.. made my day.. Thank You!… I love the ideas you implement on your site too and whoever does yours site and graphics etc, it’s amazing! Thank you for this and again for my card, and for making it an awesome weekend, I will indeed be back for sure!. and send anyone who might be interested your way. Have an awesome weekend too, and Thank You!” – MR K


“Just like to say thank you for my recent order and your fantastic customer service, Its refreshing that there are still company’s that operate the way your staff do, Took 21 hours from me picking what I wanted to the postman handing me my parcel this morning. Also thanks for the free gift, I wasn’t expecting something of that value and I’m extremely grateful:” – ALAN


“Your customer service is simply superb and second to none the whole shopping experience through you and your site is awesome, so it’s a joy to be able to contribute. Thank You again for this and for such an amazing service” – MARTIN


“The service is excellent by the way and cheers for sending me the link!” – PETER S


“Just a quick line or two to thank you for your REALLY fantastic service: the packet has reached me already (and I only ordered it yesterday, well after 3pm). Really excellent service. So impressed!” – CAROLINE


“Just to say thanks for the October extra and a Happy 3rd Birthday, wishing you many years of good business and fortune!” ZOE B


“Absolutely awesome service, received my kratom leaf the very next day. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Great kratom, Great service!!” – ELLIOT S


“I would like to commend the idea for a membership scheme….I would also like to commend you on producing a very high quality 40X kratom extract. It is likely the best I have come across and is indeed devoid of plant matter as advertised. And finally, I would like to say thanks for your brilliant customer service and high quality products. All round brilliant service! You have gained a long term customer!” – DAVE R


“Received order today which I placed on Wednesday….very impressive service!” – MANDEEP


“I ordered my super indo yesterday morning and although I didn’t ask for Saturday delivery, it arrived this morning!!! Absolutely amazing, you guys are at the top of your game – other companies could learn a lot from you about great customer service, express shipping & constantly going the extra mile. I will continue to use your services and urge others to as well.” – LARA A


“A brief word of extra thanks for the Silver membership card and the amazing Maeng Da pots. Great service!” – RAVI P


“Just to say thanks for an amazingly fast & friendly service ….. I couldn’t believe it (sorry … almost a Victor Meldrew there…!!) when I saw my package had been delivered the NEXT DAY after I’d placed my order!” – IAN G


“ I just want to say, a big thank you for the lovely customer support and the order came to my door lightning fast. I’m so happy to receive my items and I will be purchasing some more very soon. Thank you so much, I’m really happy “ – JASON


“ I am very pleased to provide some ‘feedback’   In brief: was v. happy with the 25X pills… so much so, in fact, would like to order some more soonest” – CAROLINE


“I have bought some kratom from you and quality and delivery time is excellent. I think that you will become my favourite supplier” – JAKUB


“Just had to let you know what an amazing website and amazing products you have here!! Keep up with the good work, and long may it continue. One Happy (and hopefully regular customer!)” – LEE


“Just wanted to let you know that the products I’ve bought from you have proved to be the best quality kratom products I’ve ever had. The service has been first rate too with you being very helpful and very polite on the two occasions I’ve used this site so far. I do hope you’re doing well as I plan to order regularly in the future.” MR H


“Hello there, I wanted to compliment you on your tremendous shop and layout…thanks for your time and we will be back for business again in 2 weeks!” – DAVID H


“Thank you very much a really good service” – PAUL


“ The thanks is all mine – for the mail, the speedy delivery and I was muchly obliged and grateful to receive a bonus “freebie” in my order – some PEP kratom pills…this really made my day when opened the package yesterday! (: Because of the excellent service and being so easily bought – I’ll definitely be shopping with you when I need to restock” – DAVE


“Thanks for your continued correspondence it really makes me feel a valued customer” – TOM H


“ Looking forward to receiving the kratom capsules! The maeng da and Malaysian strains, which I bought from you last week, are of a very good quality (thanks for the PEP capsules as well!)” -THAKER


“The enhanced powdered was very good – definitely the best one I’ve tried from you yet!” – MR SUMMERS


“ Glad to hear you’ll be stocking the 25% Extract…drop me an e-mail when you’re selling that would be appreciated. Thanks” – PETER D


“Order arrived today!!! Your shipping is so fast it defies physics! You’re the best company I’ve ever dealt with! “ – LARISSA C


“Just to say that this is the first time that I have used your services (though I might have used them a couple of years ago if you are the same company, but it wasn’t as nearly as organized. Your service was fantastic, quick delivery and I would recommend you without hesitation. Shame you don’t have the Maeng de Thai powdered, but I have gone for the leaf and will grind here at home. Well done and thank you” – ZOE


“Just received my first order from came the next day, keep up the good work and when will you be introducing new products? White vein, green veins, how about Sumatra kratom strains? thanks” – JOE



“Before, lightening service and once again thanks for the free kratom order the very next day even though I did not order until 16:00 the day capsules you guys know how to please your customers, I’m here for the long term thanks” – TOM


“Hi there, received my order this morning, thank you very much for being so quick, will definitely order again if I get along with the kratom (trying it for chronic pain) Thanks” – AMBER


“Great products speedy delivery you got my interest, I’ll be back for those Premium Thai kratom Capsules next time” – BETH


“What a breath of fresh air, a site dedicated to kratom, or by the way great kratom 15X thanks for the great online experience” – JULZ


“Thank you kind sir for your speedy service. Kind regards” – PHILIP UK


“Just to let you know I received my order today. Once again fantastic service and a fantastic quality. Thanks” – TOM CRADDOCK


“Thank you for the fast response and very good customer service!” MILES GLANFIELD