Hi Guys,

I just wanted to give you an update how the Coronavirus and global pandemic is affecting us here. First of all we are all fit and well so there are no health issues causing delays.

We have been experiencing panic buying which caused slight delays but we are back on top of the situation. All orders are being processed and dispatched for next day delivery. Cut off for order picking is 3pm.

The courier seem to be on top of the situation but that does not mean delays in the coming weeks. Please avoid panic buying. As far as I’m concerned we are one big family and with that said, we should think about others.

We have enough stock to last before the next shipment arrives at current levels. Some strains are getting on the low side but all in all it is not critical.


I think it is worth noting that preparing a kratom tea is currently the best option. Making a kratom tea will kill coronavirus, make sure your water is boiling, just to be on the safe side.

Bring 1.5 cups of water to the boil in saucepan.
Add your usual dosage, stir and bring it back to the boil then switch the heat off. (be careful when adding the powder as the pan can boil over, add it little by little)
Allow the tea to sit for 5-10 minutes with the lid on.
Add sugar or honey and a squeeze of lemon if you prefer.


W’ve been in negotiations with the courier for some time in an attempt to offer you a better service at no additional cost to you. Today we got the green light. That means you can now order on a Friday or Saturday and get guaranteed delivery on a Saturday and Sunday. The account manager seemed pretty confident they can guarantee delivery, even under the current circumstances. Obviously we are covering the additional costs associated with this service.

Take care my friends, be well and stay positive.

Franz and Team