What makes your Kratom Premium?

Kratom-TreeWe provide a vast range of kratom products. There are traditional products as well as innovative ones, created by our own research and development team.

On the traditional side, you can find the ever-popular kratom powder, leaf and resin. These were the staple of kratom supply in the west, during the early days. We put our mark of quality on these products by ensuring the finest, freshest and strongest products. This is achieved through careful sourcing, drying, packaging and shipping freshly harvested leaf.

Over the years, we have been able to develop natural kratom extract and enhancements directly from kratom powder, which are extremely effective and are therefore very popular. For example, our 15x kratom extract is a long-time bestseller. This extract combined with our very own isolate is also used in blends with many of our strains to create our K+ enhancements, which are found under enhanced kratom. We also stock kratom capsules, which have been created using high standards of research and development. Recently, we have been proud to become the first supplier to supply kratom tea bags – named kratom infusion. Since the rapid success of these, we have added further teabags to our range.

Kratom-LeafIt is the ability to create a good infusion which is key to successful kratom use. With the tea bags it’s easy. However, many people enjoy the different effects available from the other products, which can also mix with water to provide beneficial effects. These include several types of pain, including muscle aches, joint pain and headaches. Stress and fatigue are also said to be relieved by kratom. Dry, painful coughs can be alleviated, as well as anxiety.

Through years of business networking, we are now pleased to be stocking a kratom supply from numerous areas across South East Asia. These include Malaysian (Malay), Indonesian (Indo) and Thailand (Thai). We also have more area-specific strains such as Borneo (Bali kratom) and Sumatran. In our opinion, no kratom shop is complete without the notorious maeng da, so we have a complete section dedicated to this interesting and mysterious leaf.

Kratom-Jungle-with-riverThe best bit? It’s all available for delivery directly to your door, at low prices, in first class time. Ordering is easy using our online shop and our exceptional customer service means that your request is treated professionally, with the speed you expect from world-class services. Of course, our customer service team is available to answer any questions you might have. See ‘Contact Us’ if you have any questions.

So, you’ve found the best kratom shop on the internet. Well done! Now you should do yourself a favour and give it a try – we will be pleased to extend our excellent service to you.

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