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Bali Kratom EffectsKratom UK is the number 1 online shop in the UK for Mitragyna Speciosa – otherwise known as Kratom. Here at we pride ourselves on superb customer service. Price match guarantee and strive to look after our valued customers to the best of our abilities.

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We are confident to be your number one shop, serving up commitment & 100% satisfaction to our valued members each and every order. Did I mention shipping options? You’ll be pleased to learn we offer one small flat fee of £2.99 for any order weight which is guaranteed next day delivery. Rest assured you can order up until 14:00 today (Mon-Fri) and still have your products in your hand or waiting for you when you return from work tomorrow!

We strongly believe the secret of our success is being able to guarantee you, our valued customer, the highest quality product at the lowest possible price and continuing to offer new and exciting product lines. Have a look through our growing number of products and find your 100% wild-crafted Bali kratom and superb lines such as Maeng Da, Thai, Indo, Malay and Sumatran strains. All available in powder, leaf, extract, tea bags, kratom capsules the list goes on!

What types of Kratom do you have?

We supply the most popular types of kratom powder and leaf and easy to use products such as the kratom infusion brand, who have recently launched a whole range of products including extracts and exceptional maneg da capsules, as well as their flagship organic tea bags. Then you have the very popular PEP capsules, PEP capsules are one of our exceptional capsule lines and PEP Maeng Da is undoubtedly one of our most popular products. We work directly with all of our suppliers guaranteeing you an unbeatable product each and every time. How to Use Kratom after drying

The logistics of sourcing, shipping and storing Kratom are complex. We are a well-established company with over 10 years of experience of this product and our customers benefit from the specialist knowledge that we apply.

We are a large, international business, with numerous farms and contacts in South East Asia. In the west, we have centers in the United States and United Kingdom. Our Kratom is available worldwide and we offer guaranteed delivery services to the USA.

But we are not too large to care, our products and customers get the special treatment they deserve. From selecting the best kratom trees, to working directly with the farmers. Storing the products in suitable conditions and shipping them to our customers. fantastic organic leaf gets exactly what it needs to keep it fresh, aromatic and highly effective.

On the customer service side. We listen to our customers and how our products benefit them. We process orders fast and get them dispatched to you rapidly – on the same day. If you have any questions about our products and services, you can contact one of our customer service team and benefit from their specialist knowledge.

What makes your Kratom premium quality?

We visit our farms and offer financial support to the farmers and their villagers helping the whole community to better their lives. We send one of our scouts to find virgin jungles with an abundance of mature Kratom trees. We offer a commercial opportunity to the whole village to harvest the trees, paying a high price for a premium product. We are an ethical company. We strongly believe to be successful the wealth has to be redistributed to everyone in the supply chain.

Bali Red Vein Kratom

Fresh Bali red vein from our Kratom farms

We buy the villages supplies, build drying warehouses and teach them how to harvest the leaf using the correct process to optimise quality, this is what makes Kratom UK stand out from other suppliers.

Our prices are reviewed constantly and we always have special offers or sales going on. Usually both! We even have a ‘special offers’ section in our online shop, so you can make a beeline for the great deals. But it gets better: by ordering from us you automatically receive one of our exclusive membership cards, which gives you an immediate 10% discount on all future orders.

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